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Airborne work, chartering, transportation and rentals
Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère

Airborne work, chartering and transportation

Since 2010, our impressive fleet of new, high-performance helicopters (Airbus EC-130 B4 (H130), AS350 B2 (H125), EC-120 (H120), Robinson R-44) and the renowned expertise of our helicopter pilots has allowed us to perform a wealth of airborne work with unparalleled safety. We offer technical solutions and logistics that are tailored to fit your projects—no matter where in Canada they may be. We constantly develop our working methods to ensure they are up to date and we strive to maximize jobsite efficiency though innovation.

Performance, compliance and maintenance

The precision of the work done at our onsite Maintenance Centre ensures the exceptional monitoring of our helicopters and provides incomparable safety. The Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre is the point of reference in North America for the complete reconstruction and restoration of helicopters.

Development and innovation

We are motivated by challenges. Share your projects with us and together we can collaborate on working methods and design flight plans to increase the efficiency and profitability of your projects.

Our airborne work services


Our flying cranes can move all types of heavy and bulky items. We install pylons, communication antennas, air conditioning units and blowers and we can unwind and lay cables.


Our helicopters are detection equipment ready and offer excellent lift capacity for heavy items. Our pilots are trained in several fields including this type of work.


We can perform any type of aerial surveillance on any kind of system including electrical, road, rail, river and gas networks. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in this sector.


Capture breathtaking images and film your scenes or property from the safety of one of our helicopters.


We support wildlife management specialists by helping them in their work to protect and maintain wild animal populations.


We participate in many types of science expeditions and our helicopters are particularly useful for transporting passengers and materials to remote areas.


We help the forestry sector by fighting forest fires to ensure the sustainability of this precious resource.


Charter several helicopters and transport dozens of passengers at a time. Whether you are looking to fly over a tourist location, visit a remote jobsite or travel to a press conference, helicopters are the perfect choice. They offer the rapid travel and visibility you need!

Laser remote sensing (LiDAR)

Our helicopters are equipped to use LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) laser technology in order to conduct 3D aerial surveys of terrain. We use this quick and accurate technology to map, among other things, roads, power lines, pipelines, mines, etc.